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Bookkeeping and Tax Filing
Ever since I could remember I have always wanted to be an Accountant. With that being said I worked in a variety of industries and held positions: as Payroll Manager, Controller or Senior Accountant with a major accounting firm. I am a 5th level CGA now CPA. While in the public accounting industry I have worked with some excellent mentors who helped me plan the most efficient way for client’s to pay less tax. In my career I have prepared Notice to Readers, Review Engagements and Audits. I really enjoy auditing as it gives me a fresh perspective on preparing financial statements. With over 41 years of accounting, tax and bookkeeping experience Emerging Insights delivers quality financial services for our current clients. We also have the confidences and resources to the same for future clients.


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Personal Tax Returns

When tax season comes around, I ensure that my clients gain the greatest benefit through their taxes. By focusing on customer service, I connect with all clients on a personal level and make them comfortable and at ease. Some of the personal tax return preparation services I provide include:

Employment income as well as other sources of income, business income, investment and partnership income, capital gain, rental income properties, farming income and estate and trust tax returns.

Corporate Bookkeeping

I strive to assist business owners and financial managers in managing their financial reporting by controlling payables and receivables, navigating taxation laws, reconciling bank balances and transforming raw financial data into real business information.

Corporate Taxes

It is a fact that businesses face decisions that have tax implications. The strategies I utilize to reduce tax burden revolve around reviewing the effectiveness of business structures and identifying tax opportunities to minimize taxes. Adding to this, I am able to advise and assist with corporate reorganizations, asset transfers, amalgamations and wind-ups.

Payroll Services

I am a skilled bookkeeper who is knowledgeable in both Canadian and US tax preparation. As such, I am well-equipped to manage your payroll for you. By outsourcing your payroll services to Accounting on the Go, you can rest assured that it will be handled on time and with detailed record keeping.

HST/WSIB Remittances

Many of my clients are responsible for collecting and submitting sales taxes in many different territories and countries. I can assist your company in the dissection of information and preparation of sales tax returns as well as controlling your sales tax related costs.

Tax Planning

Since personal tax rates are higher than corporate tax rates, inadequate preparation and missed deductions can be extremely costly, reducing your net income and impacting your personal wealth for years into the future.

USA Tax Returns

Yes we do USA returns too!